Actor parameters

Actor parameters are properties on actors that you can set in the editor for each instance of an actor. This allows you to control the functionality of an actor without having to change code.

Parameters can be created by adding the @Parameter() decorator on a property in your actor class. The type of the parameter will be inferred by your property's type annotation.

The example below shows all currently supported types.

class ActorWithParameters extends BaseActor {
    @Parameter() aNumber: number
    @Parameter() aBoolen: boolean
    @Parameter() aString: string
    @Parameter() vec2: THREE.Vector2
    @Parameter() vec3: THREE.Vector3
    @Parameter() color: THREE.Color
    @Parameter() rotation: THREE.Euler
    // An instane of a 3D model asset
    @Parameter() mesh: THREE.Mesh
    // An instance of a material
    @Parameter() material: THREE.Material
    // An audio buffer from an audio asset
    @Parameter() audio: AudioBuffer
    // Refer to another actor in the scene
    @Parameter() actor: BaseActor

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