The first steps

Installing the editor

The editor can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux. To get early access to try out the engine, let us know how to contact you by submitting your email on the website



In addition to the editor, you need to have both Node.js installed as well as a code editor. Any code editor should work. A popular one is Visual Studio Code.

Download Node.js

Download Visual Studio Code


In order to create something with Hology, some previous knowledge of web development and related technologies is necessary. This includes Typescript, HTML, CSS and how to use a terminal.

Create a new project

To create a new project, open the Hology editor on your computer.

Click "Create a new project". Then set the name of the project, which could be the name of a game you will create. A template can be selected as a starting point. Select a UI framework such as React which will be set up for you in the project's code base that will be created that when creating the project.

After clicking "Create", the project's code base will be setup and various dependencies necessary to build your project will be installed. After the installation has completed, your project should open in a new window.

A scene, which can represent the entire world of your game or a single game level, is created for you called demo. In order to use that scene in your game, you will refer to the name of the scene in your code.

Running your game in a browser

The project is essentially just a website which means that during development, you can run the project game inside your browser.

To run you project, open a terminal and navigate to the project's folder and run the commandnpm run dev.

cd /path/to/my-project
npm run dev

A "localhost" address is logged (http://localhost:5173/). Open this address in your browser and you should now see your scene. Any changes you make to the scene in the Hology editor will be reflected in the browser window after refreshing.

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