Starter project - Third person shooter

To jumpstart your development, a small project has been created. This project can be used as a starting point for a game of your own or just a way to learn how a project can be structured.

The following sections will explain how to get setup with the project.

Download the project

Provided that you have Git installed, you can run the following commands in your terminal to download the project. If you don't have Git installed, you can download it from

git clone
cd starter-third-person-shooter
npm ci

Run the project

Once the project is downloaded, run the following command from within the project's directory. This should run the game as a website that you can view by opening http://localhost:5173/ in your browser.

npm run dev

Opening the project in the editor

In the editor's launcher, click on "Open an existing project". Navigate to the project's folder.

To make sure you select the correct folder. The folder you see should have the following folders in it:

Where to go from here

Take a look around the code base to see how actors and components are implemented. When reading about other subjects in the docs, you can refer back to this project to see how features are being used in practice.

Continue building on the project

You now have the basic building blocks to start creating games. The only limit is your imagination.

Here are some ideas of things you could try to build

  • Limited ammunition system: Keep track of how much ammo the player has. Display this in the user interface and prevent the player from shooting when it has no more ammo. Create an ammo box actor with a trigger volume to let the player pick up ammo by running over them.

  • Add your own models: Replace the character model and others in the scene.

  • Enemies: Spawn enemy characters that are controlled by AI that will shoot the player. Implement a health component to keep track of each character's health.

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