Landscape sculpting

Landscapes can be sculpted to create a height variation to represent mountain, hills, valleys, or any other variation.

Landscape sculpting is currently an experimental feature. It is missing many features that would help with user experience. There may be performance problems and other bugs.

Creating a landscape

A landscape can be added to a scene from the shapes category in the asset browser.

Configuring a landscape

When adding it, you will be have the option to change some parameter for the landscape before it is created. Currently, these can't be changed after the landscape is created. So you may want to try out various options for the landscape before you commit to a landscape to start sculpting.

  • Section size - The size of each section in meters per side. Sections are square.

  • Density - The amount of rows across the section. A higher number increases the amount of triangles rendered which will make it look smoother but will require more processing to render and sculpt. Use a value as small as possible while still looking good enough.

  • Sections - The number of sections in x and z direction. As sections are loaded based on view distance, there is not much of a cost to have a lot of sections. If you are planning on creating a large world, use a lot of sections because you currently can't add more later.

Multiple landscapes

It is possible to have multiple landscapes in a scene. It can be difficult to create a smooth transition between landscapes so you may want to have a larger single one if you want to create a large open world.


Select the landscape object in your scene and start the sculpting tool by clicking L on your keyboard.

Use your left mouse button and move your mouse for the sculpt tool to affect the landscape.

Adjusting sculpt tool

  • Size - Adjust the radius of the sculpt tool to affect a larger area by holding down F and move your mouse cursor

  • Strength - Adjust how much the landscape should be affected by adjusting the strength of the sculpting tool by holding down Shift+F and move your mouse cursor.

Sculpt modifiers

  • Add - Increase the height of the landscape under the sculpt tool

  • Dig - Decrease the height of the landscape under the sculpt tool. Hold down Ctrl or Cmd (for Mac)

  • Smooth - Reduce hard edges by smoothing parts of the landscapes. Hold down Shift

  • Flatten - Make the landscape more flat under the landscape tool. Hold down Ctrl or Cmd + Shift

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